Vessco Holdings Implements New ERP/CRM Strategy

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Minneapolis, MN, November 13, 2020-Vessco Holdings continues to prepare for its growth-based mission.

CFO, Dan Axelson, knew having a centralized business management software tool would be key to the continued growth and success of the Holdings group. Kennedy Industries, one of Vessco Holdings’ partner companies, had already done the leg work on finding the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) supplier, Global Shop, and had been using them since 2017.

Global Shop is a 45-year-old family-owned business that offers an integrated single solution software suite for the manufacturing industry. A fully dedicated team led by Mary Hyland, Group VP Systems and Reporting and Margie Ursing, Group ERP Project Manager, along with support from Kennedy Industry experts who have implement the system there, have developed an action plan to get all Vessco Holdings’ companies onboard. Their combined years’ experience puts the initiative on the right path.

ERP uses a shared database and tracks business resources. It provides real-time data and reporting to support and grow the business. CRM is used to manage interactions with existing customers and prospects which will allow companies to focus on customer acquisition, retention, and growth. “By putting this common system in at each company we will achieve consistent and efficient flow of business information, which is key to our growth and success,” said Mr. Axelson.

About Vessco Holdings: Vessco Holdings is a family of 7 companies. With a mission to become one of the largest full-service water treatment equipment distributors in the country, they are known for providing water solutions and services to municipal and industrial water and wastewater customers in the Midwest. The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio and provides value–added design support, aftermarket parts and services.

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Contact: Kris Axelson, Group Marketing Manager Vessco Holdings

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