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Vessco Water is one of the largest full-service water treatment equipment distributors in the United States.

"We could not have accomplished this without a strong home office team supporting our family of companies every step of the way."

Brian DeWolf

CEO and Board Member, Vessco Water

Our home office leaders along with their teams bring synergy to our family of companies by supporting and managing the business infrastructure for all of Vessco Water.

This allows the individual companies to focus on what they do best, providing sales and service expertise to the water industry and innovative treatment solutions that positively impact the environment.

Vessco Water is committed to creating a rich culture and healthy work environment where individuals from any background find a sense of belonging. Here, everyone matters! When you join Vessco Water, you join a family that values its people and an industry that ensures this precious resource, water, is around for future generations to come!

Vessco Water's Leaders

Brian DeWolf

Chief Executive Officer and Board Director

Dan Axelson

Chief Development Officer

Mark Hemeyer

Chief Commercial Officer

Jacob Dau

Chief Financial Officer

Lindsey Vanderbosch

Chief Human Resources Officer

Dick Corbett

Group Vice President of Western Region

Chad Beltrand

Group Vice President of Central Region

Rick Kocerha

Group Vice President of Eastern Region

David Gut

Group Vice President of Aftermarket Sales

Mary Hyland

Group Vice President of Systems & Reporting

Len Johnson

Group IT Director

Jason Heyerdahl

Group Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Jennifer Warfield

Group HR Director

Kris Axelson

Group Marketing Manager

Julie Weiland

Group Controller